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BGP Marine is a global provider of marine acquisition and has developed over years as a leader in the industry today.

BGP Marine has the capability to provide Design, Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation and Integrated solutions to our clients, including 2D/3D/4D marine seismic, OBN, undershooting, Marine Gravimetric and Magnetometric Services and is also able to offer MCs’ services. BGP Marine has unique technique of onboard QC and processing software.

BGP Marine possess marine seismic experience, having provided services for international oil company while her footprints have spanned over 51 countries: USGOM, West Africa, South America, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, North Sea, Bay of Bengal, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean Sea and East Africa ,etc.

BGP Marine seismic fleet has accumulated rich experiences in complex and challenging environment area such as heavy fishing activities, shallow water, rough sea state, congested oil-field and risk involved security area. Our multi-national crews are experienced and capable of handling all the challenges professionally.

BGP Marine possess excellent HSSE performance and get high satisfaction appraisal gained from clients. BGP Marine attained very satisfactory acceptance results and has passed the HSSE audit of BP, SHELL, STATOIL, ENI, TOTAL, SAUDI ARAMCO, TGS, PTTEP, POGC, CONOCOPHILLIPS, EXXONMOBIL, BG, etc.  .

 BGP Prospector
 12-streamer Vessel

   BGP Pioneer
 6-streamer vessel
  BGP Explorer
  2D/3D vessel

   BGP Challenger
 2D/3D vessel
  2D vessel

  OBN Vessel