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As one of the leading geophysical solution providers, BGP offers world-class service in VSP, microseismic data acquisition and processing. With its eight borehole seismic crews around the world and one VSP techniques support and research center, BGP has accumulated numerous hand-on experiences in all sorts of VSP data processing and VSP-driven surface seismic data processing.

· Zero-Offset VSP
· Offset VSP
· Walkaway VSP
· Walkaround VSP
· 3D VSP
· VSP and Surface
· Microseismic
· Crosswell
· Seismic while Drilling

VSP Survey
VSP Data Processing
VSP and Surface Seismic Integrated Study
Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring

Borehole1 Borehole2
P & S Vibrator
Weight-drop Source

Borehole3 Borehole4
Geochain 42 levels
Maxiwave 63 levels
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