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BGP entered into Ecuador for the first time in 1994, and operated the first 2D seismic project as a foreign contractor in the same year.


After years of development, BGP has become the main contractor in the geophysical prospecting market in Ecuador, and has provided seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation services for several oil companies, such as, Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd., EP Petroecuador, Petroamazonas EP, amongst others. Until now, BGP has operated one 2D seismic project, eight 3D seismic projects, eight data processing projects, and two magnetometry and gravimetry projects in total.

BGP made the highest daily production record of seismic exploration in the rainforest area of eastern Ecuador, and achieved a good safety performance accumulating 20 million manhours without LTI.


BGP pays great attention to fulfill its social responsibilities. During the operation of seismic projects, BGP was honored for the work for local communities such as providing jobs, repairing or building bridges and roads, donating production and living materials, school office equipment and training residents in sewing, cooking and other working skills.

Since entering into the Ecuadorian market, BGP has always practiced the core business philosophy of "Integrity, Innovation, Performance, Harmony and Safety", and has continued to grow and develop. BGP has always attached great importance to QHSE during its operations and has been widely praised by the local oil companies.



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