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Borehole-surface TFEM

The borehole-to-surface time-frequency electromagnetic (TFEM) method, which combines the transient electromagnetic (TEM) and spectral induced polarization (SIP) techniques in borehole, is very accurate and suitable for determining the hydrocarbon-bearing potential of a geological target. The method can help to reduce the number of wells to be drilled and improve success rate of wells through providing a reliable basis for well network design.


Borehole-surface TFEM provides good opportunity to study the extent and boundary of an oil-, or gas-bearing reservoir, and predict reservoir properties of adjacent regions of an oil-producing block.

The new technique has been successfully applied in several projects domestically and internationally, and prove to be very promising for assisting of oil well placement. It is a very good alternative for reservoir study by investigating of different physical characteristics (EM) than seismic (acoustic impedance), and offering very low cost.

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