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In 2006, Crew 8624 working for Shell achieved over one million man-hours without an LTI operating in Block NC213 and NC215. This won them an award for their excellent and effective HSE performance.

At the end of 2006, the TRIPOLI training center was set up to fulfill our promise of the localization of middle-and senior-level workers for BGP Libya Branch. Courses, such as a General Profile of Seismic Operations, Surveying, and HSE management, are offered to extend the trainees skills and knowledge and to increase their HSE awareness.

At the beginning of 2009, BGP Crew 0121 started the first slip-sweep 3D seismic survey contract for Shell in Libya. The slip-sweep technique uses multiple fleets of vibrators, and can highly improve the efficiency of an operation.

The work area was located at block 89N with extremely complicated surface conditions. There are hills, Gobi, and swamps, along with wells, roads, pipelines, historical remains and other infrastructures. However, the most challenging issue was the potential risk from the landmine areas.



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