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Crew 8631A working for TOTAL in Blocks Ta7 and Ta8 of Mauritania, North Africa, had achieved 1 million man-hours without an LTI by the end of June 28, 2007. This is another big accomplishment of BGP Mauritania in HSE management.

The two blocks are located in the Sahara Desert, where the crew had to face a hostile climate and environment. Logistics were extremely difficult because of the condition of the terrain and the distance to the city. In addition, the distance between survey lines was so large that camps need to be moved frequently. Although both the production quality and HSE management were approved by TOTAL, in early May, some experts from TOTAL conducted a thorough audit of the crew. In June, a group of 30 representatives from TOTAL, the French ambassador in Mauritania, the minister of petroleum of Mauritania, and local media journalists visited the operation and all of them praised our outstanding performance.

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