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BGP announces appointments of management for BGP international business

BGP is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Meng Qingbing as the President of BGP International and Mr. Luo Junchao as the President of BGP Offshore. These appointments took effect on 6th May, 2021.

Mr. Meng Qingbing graduated from Wuhan University majoring in Geomatics Engineering. He joined BGP in 1991 and worked for nearly 20 years as management role in BGP’s international projects to make outstanding contribution for the development and growth of both global onshore and offshore business. Before serving as the President of BGP International, Mr. Meng was the Director of Planning Department of BGP.

Mr. Luo Junchao has more than 30 years’ experiences in the geophysical exploration industry. He joined BGP in 1992 and worked for 18 years as a Party Chief and Project Manager on land and shallow water operations in various locations in China and overseas. Since 2011, Mr. Luo served as VP of BGP Offshore in charge of Marketing and Sales business who greatly expanded BGP’s client base. His extraordinary contribution brought BGP Offshore to the forefront of the geophysical industry.

2021-06-02 18:06
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