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On the 11th of February, 2009, BGP Crew 8622A began a 24-hour seismic acquisition operation in Oman for PDO. The Government of Oman holds a 60% interest in PDO, while Royal Dutch Shell has 34%. The project is operating smoothly, and production continues to improve. The client has expressed its appreciation to Crew 8622A for its HSE management and effective organization.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, BGP spent a great deal of time preparing for the operation. Personnel had to be recruited and trained in the skills required as well as given special training in night operations. Recording equipment was updated. BGP also planned specific operations for different types of terrain.

Because of the efforts of all members of the crew, BGP has maintained an excellent safety record as well as high production. Outstanding performance in difficult terrain conditions as well as a commitment to client satisfaction will guarantee our success in Oman.

On 26th March, 2008, Crew 8622B finished the first phase of a 3C-4D seismic project in Oman. This is the first high-resolution 3C-4D project overseas in an oilfield, where there are many rigs, vehicles, and pipelines. The most challenging issue is the potential risk from the surface gas pipeline with high-pressure and high-content H2S. The collective efforts from all members enabled the Crew to overcome both environmental and technical difficulties and achieve great success with an average daily production of 779 shots.

Flip-flop sweep operation

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