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BGP has completed a 2D seismic survey awarded by ENI in East Sindh of Pakistan with a total production of 4618.15km. This is the biggest project that BGP has ever conducted in Pakistan. Drawing on its experience in desert operations, BGP adopted applicable techniques and suitable equipments for the successful execution of the project.

Starting on August 18, 2006, the crew successfully completed this challenging project within 548 days in spite of the adverse security situation, the hostile work environment, and bad traffic conditions in the desert. Regular HSE courses, audits, and inspections were conducted, and a good many HSE measures were taken during the operation.

On February 12, 2008, the president of ENI Pakistan, Mr. Ciarrocchi Luigi, awarded Crew 9501B a certificate of "2 Million Man-hours without an LTI" for the East Sindh 2D Project. A plaque has been awarded to Crew 9501B in recognition of their achievement.




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