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BGP entered into Peru in 1995, and thereafter finished three 2D and three 3D land seismic survey projects successively. In 2007, BGP established a company officially in Peru. In 2015, BGP Peru company won the bid for the Block 58 Phase-I 2D project of CNPC PERU, and then successively won the bid for the Block 58 Phase-II and Phase-III 2D projects. In addition, it also won the bid for four seismic data processing projects of and one gravimetry-magnetometry survey project of PETROPERÚ.


 We always adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation and provide our customers technical services with the highest quality. After the seismic data acquisition and processing of the Block 58 Phase-I 2D project, our client CNPC PERU discovered commercial natural gas flow with considerable reserves through drilling exploratory wells based on the scientific analysis of seismic data.

During the operation of all the seismic exploration projects, quality and safety were always put in the first position and we maintained a good relationship with local communities for mutual benefit and symbiosis. The Block 58 Phase-III 2D project, which was finished in 2021, has achieved a safety performance of 880,000 man-hours without LTI, and has been highly praised by the client.



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