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TZ & Shallow water

BGP has a 30 year history of TZ and shallow water seismic operations, offering services for CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Cooperation) and other Chinese and foreign oil companies. In 2003 and 2004, BGP was also awarded offshore contracts in Indonesia by Petronas, and a TZ project S49 by Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

Our special expertise includes
• 2D, 3D, time lapse 3D and high-resolution acquisition
• OBC dual-sensor seismic acquisition and processing
• Geometry design and optimization
• Comprehensive navigation
• Secondary positioning
• Vessel tracking
• Air-gun array optimization

A great variety of equipment and techniques have been used in TZ and shallow-water exploration, including large-scale telemetric seismic instruments of 408ULS, BOX and SYNTRAN 960 OBC system. With BGP-developed Haibao I, Haibao II, Haibao III, Haishi, Frog source vessels and the mother ship Binhai 504 as well as amphibious transportation vehicles such as Hagglunds, Air-boats, Zodiac, Buggies and Quad-bikes, BGP can fully meet the requirements of shallow-water high-resolution surveys.

BGP Solution for TZ & SW:
• Two recorder system
• Multiple receiver types
• Multiple drilling
• Multiple Air gun shooting
• Many years' experiences

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