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About BGP


BGP has been actively engaged in seismic activities since 1951 in China with the opening of its international operations in 1990' s. In 2002, BGP was formally established as a liability-limited company after its merger with six other geophysical divisions operating within different parts of China. BGP's headquarters is located in Zhuozhou City, Hebei province, P.R.China.

BGP is a worldwide leading geophysical solution provider which offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge geophysical products and quality services to the energy industry. It has an operating footprint covering over 80 countries and regions and enjoys a customer base in excess of 300 oil & gas companies.

BGP operates and maintains a chain of coherent geophysical business activities encompassing a wide spectrum of specialized services including:

• Onshore/TZ/offshore seismic data acquisition
• Seismic Data Processing
• Seismic Data Interpretation & Reservoir Geophysics
• Geophysical R&D
• Optical Fiber Intelligence Reservoir Geophysics (OFIRG)
• Non-seismic Survey
• Geophysical Software Systems
• Equipment Manufacturing
• Multi-client Business
• New Energy Business

Currently BGP owns and operates a fleet of 156 land seismic crews, 6 OBC and OBN crews, 3 streamer vessels, 11 VSP crews, 22 non-seismic crews, as well as 30 seismic data processing and interpretation centres distributed in China and overseas.

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