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Human Resource policy


Our staff is the most important asset. We believe that these talented and committed people are vital to the success of BGP. We also believe that all staff of BGP should be treated equally regardless of their country of origin, race, gender, religion and age.

Our Human Resource strategy is to emphasize and assist the diversion workforces in developing their talents, knowledge, skills, and loyalty, and to reward them for their efforts. Our goal is to make every effort to sustain business development, provide opportunities and a favorable environment for growth and development of our staff.

BGP is committed to complying with the following Human Resource principles:

We respect every BGP employee and treat him/her with fairness and justice according to the laws and regulations of the country in which we operate.

We treasure the rich diversity of our worldwide workforce, recognize each person as a different individual, and will provide the opportunity to each employee to accomplish their career goal.

We commit to establishment of Human Resources policies and programs that attract, develop, motivate, reward, and retain talented individuals which are aligned with our global business strategies and objectives, and provide an environment that promotes professional development and well-being for each employee.

Philosophy and Strategy of Compensation and Benefits

All compensation and benefits programs are based upon competitive market analysis and are designed to attract, reward and retain talented, highly skilled and motivated employees.

BGP will provide its employees with employment benefits mandated by the local laws and regulations of each country, along with other incentives which may be needed to attract and retain talented people.

Performance Evaluation

It is BGP International's policy to evaluate an employee's performance monthly and annually. BGP evaluation system is based upon Objectivity, Transparency, Equality, and Simplicity. The evaluation system intends to work on getting the timely feedback on the employee's performance in terms of achievements and shortcomings, and evaluating and recording the employee's ability and performance correctly. The result of this evaluation will determine whether additional training is needed, award /recognition are due, or whether an adjustment of compensation or promotion is guaranteed.

Career Development and Opportunity

BGP will utilize all means to provide an environment that encourages individual career planning and increases on-the-job-experience. The Company designs four types of development path according to different work characters: management personnel development path, Professional Seismic Crew Party Chief development path, technical professional development path and operational personnel development path to promote employee to higher level or position with better remuneration in one's capability field along the development path, and more extensive range of business involved and more authorities and responsibilities taken.

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