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We understand that it is the geo-talent that makes it possible for BGP to maintain a sustainable development. BGP has long-term strategies in the development of new technologies to improve the acquisition and processing quality of seismic data. BGP has always attached great importance to technology advances. Our recent geophysical R & D is focused on OBN and broadband data processing, FWI, Q migration, multi-component PSDM, VTI/TTI velocity model building, 5D seismic interpretation, seismic-guided drilling and software Ecosystems. In the oil & gas exploration field, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have been paid increasingly more attention. BGP attaches great importance to the research and development of AI techniques and recently, many intelligent technologies have been developed, such as intelligent velocity spectrum interpretation, first-arrival pickup, random noise attenuation, fault identification, horizon interpretation, logging interpretation, geological body identification, etc.

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