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Seismic data interpretation and reservoir geophysics


Having dedicated to the professional G&G studies for decades in a wide variety of basins and reservoirs in China and around world, BGP has developed an integration analysis system with many advanced techniques which are applicable to all kinds of reservoirs.

GeoEast interpretation system is a fully integrated geophysical-geological system that is equipped with structure interpretation, hydrocarbon detection, fracture prediction, joint well-seismic interpretation, 3D visualization and virtual reality. It provides comprehensive functionalities to joint 2D and 3D seismic interpretation project of multi surveys not only in time but also in depth, with specific techniques in efficient structure interpretation, attribute analysis, 5D interpretation, etc. GeoEast-RE package is a powerful, flexible and adaptable tool for logging, seismic and reservoir integrated study. In concert with GeoEast interpretation solutions, the suite provides a powerful unified system enabling in logging interpretation, attributes analysis, seismic inversion, multi component seismic data application, time-lapse reservoir monitoring, fracture detection, lithology definition and fluid identification, reservoir modeling and reservoir dynamic analysis.

Whether characterization and monitoring are at the well, field, or basin scale, our specialists can use proprietary workflows to derive the maximum value from the seismic data obtained and provide real-time support and quick turnaround time based on our global presence.

Data Interpretation Techniques and Solutions

• Multi-attributes analysis

• Thrust structure interpretation

• 5D interpretation & fracture detection

• PP-PS joint inversion

• AVO & pre-stack inversion

• 4D data seismic inversion

• AI interpretation

• Sweet spot prediction

Reservoir Geophysics Techniques and Solutions

• Real time seismic guided drilling (SDG)

• Lithological / stratigraphic prospect identification

• Static modeling & reservoir simulation

• Petrophysical evaluation

• Pore pressure prediction (PPP)

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