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An Address from Chairman of BGP

  An Address from Chairman of BGP http://webadmin

As a globally trusted integrated geophysical service provider, BGP has served more than 300 energy companies during the last several decades with a remarkable footprint in over 80 countries, enabling BGP to become one of the leading geophysical contractors in the world today. In retrospect, it would be impossible for BGP to achieve such outstanding success without the steadfast trust and support of its clients, business partners and friends. To all of them, I would like to express my deepest appreciation.

As we all know, the energy industry has been subject to unavoidable changes in the markets in recent times, however global situations are forever changing and it can now be seen that the energy industry is becoming stronger after a turbulent few years and also it is changing with the need for transition from hydrocarbons to greener renewable energies. BGP, as a major geophysical services company, is actively preparing to meet such challenges by continuing to improve its strategies, developing innovative solutions, reducing operational costs and attracting elite geoscience-talent. Also extending into non-hydrocarbon geophysical activities and assisting energy companies with their development of CCUS, geothermal and wind farm placements amongst others.

BGP has vigorously stressed that both technological and business innovations are vital to its success as demonstrated by the roll out of a series of core and proprietary technology packages that include the GeoEast® and KLSeis® software systems, rugged and reliable seismic instruments including the eSeis and Quantum land node, the oSeis Ocean Bottom node, G3i® NXT cable recording system and the shallow water DP hybrid vessel. Also included are the customizable land source products to accommodate variations in terrain, environment and imaging requirements including the high-precision broadband vibrator EV-56, the shear-wave vibrator EV-56S, the industry-leading AHV-V TITAN (480), AHV-IVTM (364/380) and other vibrator series along with high-productivity vibroseis techniques, the digitial-seis system and uDAS VSP techniques, etc. The application of these cutting-edge products enables BGP to design more efficiently when executing the most complex seismic programs while lowering costs, improving data quality and considerably increasing client satisfaction.

BGP regards "zero injury, zero pollution and zero accidents" as its HSE targets and adheres to the solemn commitment to not making profits at the cost of employees' life and health. BGP always put the environmental protection as its highest priority. Additionally, BGP actively engages in a "green seismic" campaign to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. Over the past decades, BGP has consistently adhered to the HSSE management philosophy, advocating a proactive safety culture in the workplace.

One of BGP's core values is to be Client-Oriented. BGP champions the idea of win-win cooperation, endeavoring to obtain all present resources, reducing client risk and helping clients discover additional hydrocarbon reservoirs at the lowest possible cost with the best service quality, while also extending its reach into helping energy companies develop their green energy portfolios.

BGP supports the philosophy of an open and inclusive culture by respecting every client and partner while greatly respecting differing cultures, religions and customs around the world. BGP is committed to its socially responsible activities and projects through its support of charitable causes and construction of roads, schools and hospitals, amongst others, which are essential in facilitating economic development of the countries in which BGP operates.

BGP will continue its dedication to geophysical innovation by accelerating the integration of programs and practices of seismic with non-seismic, onshore with offshore, in addition to the current integration of geophysics with AI technology. BGP believes these developments will create more value for its clients allowing them to continue in the improving energy markets and also with the necessary transition to renewable energies.

"Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." BGP continues to innovate in order to enrich the Future of Energy.

Thank you.

Zhang Shaohua

Chairman of BGP

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