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BGP Code of Business Conduct

  BGP Code of Business Conduct

BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "BGP" or the "Company") is an international geophysical service provider integrating onshore and offshore seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation and reservoir geophysics, non-seismic survey, borehole and micro-seismic, equipment manufacturing, software R&D, and multi-client services, centering on oil and gas exploration with geophysical techniques. 

BGP strives to achieve a virtuous circle of compliance management and business development. It always adheres to operating in compliance with laws and regulations, establishing and improving its compliance management system and mechanism, while prioritizing its compliance management relating to the high-risk areas and key issues. 

Compliance management is the premise of sustainable development and globalization, as well as the vital part of international competitiveness of a company. BGP Code of Business Conduct (the "Code") and CNPC Integrity and Compliance Guideline (the "Guideline") provide basic guidelines for BGP and all its employees to help them make correct decisions and shall be read and followed by every employee. With "dedicating to energy and creating harmony" in mind and with its best technology and management, BGP will continue to build its pioneer culture featuring "Loyal Partner &Prospection Pioneer" and to operate in an honest and compliant manner to deliver better service and greater value to customers all over the world.


Any employee who is aware of any violation of Code and Guideline or any illegal or unethical behavior at the Company or in connection with its business, or who believes that an applicable law, rule or regulation or Code and Guideline has been violated, shall promptly report such violation to the Legal & Compliance Department. Employees should take care and report violations to a person who they believe is not involved in the matter giving rise to the violation. 

Employees could report to:
Mr. Wang Quan, General Counsel
Tel: +86 312 3735754
Mr. Zhao Mingwu, Manager of Legal & Compliance Department,
Tel: +86 312 3735850


1. Downloading for BGP Code of Business Conduct
 Code of Business Conduct, English  Download (PDF)      
  قواعد السلوك التجاري, Arabia    Download (PDF)
 Código de Conducta Empresarial, Spanish       Download (PDF)   
 Normas de Conduta Empresarial, Portuguese      Download (PDF)
 Code de déontologie et d'éthique des affaires, French      Download (PDF)
 КОДЕКС ДЕЛОВОЙ ЭТИКИ, Russian   Download (PDF)      



2. Downloading for CNPC Integrity and Compliance Guideline
 Integrity and Compliance Guidelines, English Download (PDF)
 Integrity and Compliance Guidelines, Arabic Download (PDF)
 Manual de integridad y respeto de la legalidad, Spanish Download (PDF)
 Manuel de conformité et d'intégrité, French Download (PDF)

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