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Data Acquisition–Onshore

Underpinned by the remarkable experiences accrued in the past 70 years along with the ownership of the most advanced technologies, BGP has the resources and confidence to successfully undertake seismic data acquisition projects under all terrain conditions, such as mountains, deserts, loess lands, gravel plains, swamps, jungles, and urban areas.

Additionally, BGP operates and maintains 65 onshore seismic crews outside China as well as 54 branches and offices spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Americas.


BGP has been conducting seismic exploration in desert areas for more than 30 years with advanced equipment and integrated technologies in field acquisition, processing and interpretation. Crooked line, wide line and 3D surveys have been carried out in different desert areas both at home and abroad. The techniques of geometry planning, field static correction and scattered noise attenuation are highly developed. In data processing, new methods of data analysis, residual static correction and pre-stack noise suppression in multi-domain have been developed. Elaborate well calibration, velocity field construction and updating and fault seal evaluation have been used in geological interpretation. These techniques have been applied comprehensively to the desert seismic data and desirable results have been achieved.

Up until now, BGP has successfully carried out many desert seismic contracts in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Algeria and China. BGP anticipates an increase in successful desert operations in the future for energy companies worldwide.


Acquisition - Mountain

With the development of oil exploration, reservoir studies have become more and more difficult. The survey target, in many contract blocks, has shifted from convenient and easy seismic operation areas to Gobi, (unconsolidated fill), desert, and loess plateau, and from the center of the basin to the margins with difficult topography or mountainous belts. All these changes in the seismic survey forces BGP to operate with an integrated strategy in terms of acquisition, processing, and interpretation, to analyze the comprehensive geological and geophysical information, and then set up the proper operational procedures. BGP has acquired a great deal of experience in mountainous seismic exploration. BGP has conducted many successful surveys both at home and abroad, in areas such as in Xinjiang, Western China, Pakistan, Iraq and Peru.

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