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The KZ34 Vibrator is a safe and powerful seismic source for land seismic exploration. It can be used for seismic exploration on plains or complex regions such as Gobi and mountain foothills.


Main features

• Two guide columns with a stiff mechanical assembly,hydraulic oil lubrication
• Low center of gravity mass, servo-valve horizontal assembled
• Mass built-in rubber bag accumulator
• 2-step hydraulic control pressure-up valve
• High strength steel frame
• 4X4 hydraulic articulated classis with desert tires and wheels
• Powerful shift gearbox
• Hydraulic actuated internal wet disc brake, spring actuated wet disc for parking
• Two person cab ,steel construction, wide-angle, air conditioner ,a berth in back row

Main specifications

• Peak force                391 kN (88000lbs)
• Frequency                 6-200HZ
• Gradeability              60 %
• Max speed                27 km/h
• Tires and wheels    78X45-32
• Gross                        43 t
• Dimensions(length X width X height,mm):10600 ×3400×3460

2016-10-31 15:15
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