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BPS is an OBC positioning system specially designed for OBC/TZ positioning operations. It is combined with USBL and multi-transceivers based on network technologies. The positioning accuracy can be controlled within 1 meter because DSP technology and special algorithms are applied in both the hardware and the software. The system has an improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency in positioning marine seismic cables.

BPS consists of 4 parts: MCU (Master Control Unit), Transducer, Programmer, and Transponder.

Main features:
• Acoustic positioning capacity: 4000 unique hydrophone stations in real-time
• Operational water depth: 1 to 200 meters
• Maximum lateral positioning distance: 500 meters
• Positioning accuracy: better than 1 meter in most cases
• Maximum vessel speed: 5 knots
• Automatic detection of battery voltage in transponder due to its unique coding
• Alkali and long-life lithium battery


2016-10-31 15:40
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