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BGP announces appointments of MD and President

BGP announces appointments of MD and President

BGP is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gou Liang as the Managing Director of BGP and Mr. Zhang Shaohua as the President of BGP, taking effect on December 30, 2020.

Gou Liang
Managing Director of BGP

Mr. Gou Liang joined BGP in 1981. He received his doctorate degree from Chengdu University of Technology and later on earned a master’s degree in EMBA program at Tsinghua University. He has been engaged in geophysical exploration, technical management, financial operations, and business management among others. With comprehensive working experience, Mr. Gou was appointed as the Managing Director and President of BGP in 2014. Committed to advancing technological innovation, he has been proactively championing a “zero risk” management philosophy and continuously cementing employees’ awareness of environmental protection. As an outstanding leader in the geophysical industry, Mr. Gou Liang has undertaken various key roles in a number of international geophysical associations and made outstanding contribution to the advancement of exploration geophysics and the development of geophysical industry.


Zhang Shaohua
President of BGP

Mr. Zhang Shaohua joined BGP in 1991. He held a master’s degree in applied geophysics from Changchun College of Geology. He was the Chief Geophysicist of BGP, engaging in the study of seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation technologies as well as geophysical software R&D. With comprehensive working experience in the geophysical industry, he has always been committed to advancing the technology of exploration geophysics. Mr. Zhang has played active roles in different international geophysical associations such as SEG and EAGE. 

About BGP
BGP, a worldwide leading geophysical solution provider, offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge geophysical products and quality services to the oil and gas industry, with operating footprints scattering over 70 countries and regions, while boasting a customer base in excess of 300 oil & gas companies. BGP has been operating and maintaining a chain of coherent businesses encompassing a wide spectrum of specialized services in onshore/TZ/offshore seismic data acquisition, data processing and interpretation; reservoir geophysics; GME; borehole seismic, micro-seismic, multi-client surveys, unconventional seismic; software R&D; equipment manufacturing; IT services, etc.

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