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18 years LTI free was achieved by BGP’s Oman Crew 8622


On March 9th, 2023 BGP’s Oman crew 8622 achieved an extraordinary HSE milestone, completing 18 years LTI (Lost Time Injury) free operations and also on January 25th, 2023 reached 35 million man-hours without LTI, working for PDO seismic operations with more than 67 million kilometers driven by the crew during this period.


Crew 8622 was commended by the PDO Exploration Director, Chief Geophysicist and Head of Geophysical operations for accomplishing this impressive milestone. The President of BGP International sent a congratulatory video message to the BGP Oman team on this landmark achievement.

These exceptional HSE milestones are a result of visible HSE Leadership from both PDO and BGP, Team Work, untiring team efforts, continuous HSE commitment, effective communication, a proactive approach in dealing with HSE risks and their compulsory HSE controls and enforcement of compliance with the mandatory HSE requirements with the team’s focus of Goal Zero.


During this process the crew worked in many challenging working environments such as high sand dunes, rough areas, long camp moves, Oil & Gas facilities, villages, crossing many blacktop and graded roads, environmentally sensitive areas and much more. The crew has sustained its excellent HSE performance in these difficult field conditions by effective HSEMS implementation on a daily basis.


It is now important that the team sustain its efforts in avoiding complacency during the future projects and remain focused for the upcoming challenges to achieve future HSE targets and accomplish further HSE milestones. Focus shall remain on continuous emerging risks as well as known risks, with perpetual management commitment and staff daily vigilance, which is the key to ensure and maintain all necessary HSE management systems moving forward.


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2023-03-24 16:48
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