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GeoEast V2.1 Integrated Processing and Interpretation Software System

GeoEast V2.1 Integrated Processing and Interpretation Software System.pdf

GeoEast® provides a unified data platform, a unified display platform and a unified development platform. It supports data sharing, visualized interaction and a collaborative mode for processing and interpretation. With the flexible, modular and scalable architecture, GeoEast® can be customized to a workstation or a PC-Cluster version to meet the needs of on-site processing and large processing centers.

GeoEast® 2.1 boasts its improvement in stability, efficiency, and applications which synchronize with the advanced geophysical software packages in the world. Its applications are not only for land 2D and 3D seismic data processing, conventional structural interpretation, and 3D volume interpretation, but also for dealing with
complex low S/N land data, resolution improvement, and 3D VSP data processing and interpretation. In addition, the system provides the basic processing and interpretation flows for the processing of multi-component and ocean streamer seismic data. The functions of pre-stack reservoir inversion and attribute extraction are now under

Main functions:
     ◆ Land, VSP, OBC, marine streamer, and multi-component data processing
     ◆ Structural interpretation, reservoir prediction, and parameter inversion
     ◆ Integrated processing and interpretation
     ◆ Open development environment
■ Data processing techniques
■ Data interpretation techniques
2016-10-31 16:03
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