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BGP Offshore, is responsible for international and domestic offshore exploration and multi-client seismic business development. BGP Offshore provides integrated tailored solutions for offshore seismic exploration covering transition zones to shallow water to deep ocean. BGP Offshore services include OBN, OBC and 2D/3D/4D towed streamer acquisition.

Ocean Bottom Node Seismic 
  • 2D, 3D, 4D & 4C. Full Azimuth OBN coverage
  • Tailored operations for a full range of water depths
  • Supporting OBN Navigation and QC control systems
  • OBN P-Wave & Multi-Component processing

Ocean Bottom Cable Seismic
  • 2D, 3D coverage
  • Diverse and specialized equipment specifically for TZ
  • Operations in mud flat, tidal zone, shallow water and swamp areas
  • Dual sensor processing

Towed streamer

Towed Streamer Seismic
  • Conventional 3D, HD 3D, 4D acquisition
  • Wide-tow sources & streamer
  • Multi-level broadband sources & streamers
  • Broadband processing
Multi-client BGP Multi-Client Library 
  • Africa 3D
  • Australia 2D/3D
  • Norway 3D
  • Middle East 2D/3D

Technology Services and Solutions

BGP offshore provides fully integrated solutions(BGP PAI-Offshore)which include survey design, seismic modelling, acquisition, quality control, fast-track and final processed data products.
Through innovation and close collaboration with our clients we are able to provide tailored services to efficiently cover every type of terrain.
Business Management System
During the growth of our offshore seismic exploration business, BGP Offshore has developed an industry leading Business Management System (BMS). BMS continues to be developed by the QHSSE team with the support of all departments in BGP Offshore. Central to the success of BMS is FLAG. FLAG is a real time database which is accessible to our project teams and clients at all our operating locations. BMS is certified to the management standards ISO9001-Quality Assurance, ISO14001-Environmental and ISO45001-Occupational Health and Safety by DNV-GL. In addition, BGP Offshore operates its own ship management business unit, manages its own geophysical exploration fleet, and has successively passed OVID audits of multiple international oil companies.
Acquisition Footprint
BGP Offshore has grown a rich experience in Offshore Seismic acquisition. Our footprint spans over 60 countries covering major basins in USGOM, East & West Africa, South America, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, North Sea, Bay of Bengal, Southeast Asia, and The Mediterranean Sea. Our customers include Super-Majors, Major IOCs & NOCs plus many other smaller oil companies.

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