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BGP offers a range of signal processing and imaging solutions, through its global processing centers. From acquisition through to final subsurface image, our integrated approach utilizes well logs, geological information and multi-physics into our imaging workflows and achieve geophysical objectives from large-scale exploration to reservoir focused imaging challenges.

Additionally, BGP operates and maintains 65 onshore seismic crews outside China as well as 54 branches and offices spanning across the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

The expertise of our processing teams, combined with our global presence, local experience and industry-leading techniques ensures a level of service that meets the challenges of today's quest for hydrocarbons. Our R&D professionals work seamlessly with our processing teams to ensure that the latest developments are immediately available through regular technology updates. What's more, BGP owns the largest seismic data processing center in China, equipped with the most advanced in-house clusters. The use of cloud computing benefits us to deliver the high-quality results in a time frame that allows the clients to meet the decision deadlines.

Seismic data processing techniques and solutions

• Advanced statics solution (3D Tomo, DWI and SWI)

• Deblending (OBC/OBN, streamer and land data acquisition)

• Multiple attenuation (GSRME, EPSI, extended SRME, ISS-IME)

• Velocity model building (FWI, Hybrid Tomo, Q Tomo)

• Complex structure imaging (RTM, LSM, Q-Migration)

• Marine seismic data processing (OBN, OBC and streamer)

• WAZ and broadband seismic data processing

• Time-lapse seismic data processing

• Multi-component seismic data processing

• Shear wave seismic data processing

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