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BGP History


u On May 26, BGP Oman Crew 8622 achieved yet another significant HSE milestone accomplishing 32 million man-hour LTI free as well as a total of 16 years of continuous safe operation with more than 60 million kilometers safe driving record.


u BGP launched the uDAS – an ultra-sensitive DAS system at the EAGE London 2019.

u BGP and Sercel jointly launch Game-Changing GPR, a new ocean bottom node (OBN), designed to leverage the proven high performance of broadband digital sensor technology at the SEG Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio.

u BGP has kept the leading position in market share in global geophysical industry for 5 consecutive years.


u On July 19, BGP was awarded the Worlds Largest Combined Onshore and Offshore 3D seismic by ADNOC in UAE.

u BGP has been the leader in the global land seismic market share for 15 years in a row.

u BGP merged Da Qing geophysical company, a local geophysical company of CNPC.


u The new generation of broadband vibrator – EV56, is one such invention that can generate reliable while stable linear sweeps from 1.5Hz to 160Hz, which is essential in enhancing precision of full waveform inversion.

u On September 23, BGP's PDO crew has successful commenced applying a new vibroseis seismic acquisition technology - UHP (Ultra-high Productivity), which is designed to increase productivity and data quality. It is the first seismic crew to implement UHP acquisition technology worldwide.

u On October 22, BGP was awarded a 3D land seismic contract by KOC in Kuwait, which is an integrated mega channel project covering acquisition, data processing and non-seismic Magneto telluric survey.

u BGP merged another local geophysical company of CNPC, south-west geophysical company.


u On May 12, a top ten special honor was granted by China Oil Technology Association for "Technical Innovation in High Density and Broadband Seismic Technology". This technology has been applied in 13 oil fields in China as well as international projects, it also serves as a major contributor to the development of China's geophysical science and technology.

u On August 19, PDO Oman has broken another record of continuous operation of 20 million MH without LTI.


u In 2015 BGP’s total revenue achieved the first among all seismic competitors.


u On September 21, BGP was awarded a mega 3D TZ contract by KOC in Kuwait, which is not only the largest 3D TZ seismic project ever for BGP as it is also the first contract into Kuwait's seismic market. The contract includes a working area of 2583 Sq.Km, covering excessively complex operational environment in deep and shallow water, transition zone, city district, sea shore, seasonal lakes, plantation and desert.

u In 2014, GeoEast won the China national award for scientific advancement.

u On June 26, BGP's PDO (Sultanate of Oman) crew has achieved a record of LTI free for continuous operation of ten years.


u BGP launched the HAWK – an autonomous nodal recorder that offers flexibility to fit up to 3 analog or 3 digital channels.

u BGP launched KLSeis II an integrated acquisition software system including survey design, modeling & illumination, data QC, vibroseis operation, statics correction, and etc.

u Field application of G3i and HAWK with big live patch was successfully completed.

u The world's first low frequency vibrator was successfully completed field testing and became part of the field acquisition team.


u On July 10, BGP had successfully developed a new recording system called G3i capable of over 100,000 channels in real time for complex and large channel count surveys through INOVA, a JV company between BGP and ION, and new multi-waves data processing system plus a new model vibrator named AHV364.


u BGP-PROSPECTOR – a 12 streamer Vessel was launched.


u A signing ceremony was held in Beijing by both BGP and ION to formally announce successful establishment of INOVA, a land seismic equipment joint venture.

u BGP announced the release of GeoEast-Lightning, a pre-stack depth migration and model building software system.

u A new member of BGP's Fleet, the BGP Explorer, launched in Tanggu, China


u BGP merged Liaohe Geophysical Exploration Company, a local geophysical company under CNPC.

u A new member R/V BGP Challenger joined BGP fleet.


u BGP started offshore seismic business including OBC, streamer, OBN with its first OBC cable handling vessel - the BGP DONG FANG KAN TAN NO. 2, its first 2D streamer vessel - the BGP DONG FANG KAN TAN NO.1, and its first 3D streamer vessel - the BGP Pioneer.


u BGP released GeoEast V1, a newly integrated processing and interpretation software system.


u BGP became the largest land seismic service provider in the world after a decade of rapid international business development.


u BGP was formally established as a liability-limited company after its merging with six other geophysical divisions of CNPC operating within different parts of China, thus greatly extending its capabilities, resources and competitiveness.


u BGP subcontracted seismic acquisition projects from BP, AGIP and JNOC in western China, and won bids in Ecuador, indicating that BGP became a new even important role in the international seismic industry.


u BGP conducted the first international seismic acquisition project in Myanmar which is the first step to enter into the international seismic market.


u We were formally named as BGP – Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting, grew to 38 crews and built the first data processing center in China.


u BGP was found in China for engaging in seismic exploration activities.

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