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Code of Business Conduct

1 Introduction to the Code of Business Conduct

This Code of Business Conduct of BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation ("BGP"), reflecting BGP core values of honesty, innovation, performance, harmony, safety, etc., provides general guidance to all BGP employees and assists us in carrying out our daily activities in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of applicable Chinese and local laws where BGP operates and with BGP's standards. This is a global Code, and adherence to the guidance in this document is required for all BGP employees around the world.

Business Code of Conduct, English      Download (PDF)

BGPI-Codigo de Conduta, Portuguese       Download (PDF)

BGPI-Diretrizes de Integridade e Conformidade, Portuguese      Download (PDF)

BGPI-Integrity and Compliance Guidelines, English     Download (PDF)

BGPI-Manual de Integridad y Respeto de la Legalidad, Portuguese      Download (PDF)


Enquiries about our Business Code of Conduct should be sent to huangyanlin@bgp.com.cn

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