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Training & Development

BGP is committed to the continued advance-ment of professional development and personal growth of its entire workforce.

BGP endeavors to provide appropriate training in technical and management skills, seminars and executive education to improve an individual and/or group's performance.

BGP will utilize all means to provide an envi-ron-ment that encourages individual career planning and increases on-the-job-experience. Employee reassignments may be necessary depending on needs dictated by the Company's continued growth and expansion.

In order to adjust to the rapid development and overseas expansion of BGP, and to cope with complex business environment, it is of strategic significance to provide employee essential training to enhance their competence and to ensure sustained growth of BGP. BGP is willing to provide a series of trainings to help employees to learn about the company's culture and constantly to improve their business and management capability.

We have established an effective training network through which we provide lifelong education to our employees.

BGP has four training centers in China, and six outside China, located in Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Pakistan, and Libya. They are providing training programs on HSE, geophysics, equipment and management, and playing an important role in BGP overseas business development.

Technical training is for the p urpose of improving the technical capability for different technical professionals, and will help employee to be familiar with the job content, to absorb new professional knowledge and philosophy, and to enhance working efficiency. For management, we provide training to improve the management team's overall management skills and relevant specialty management skills; for operating personnel, we focus on enhancing their operational skills, and for overseas employees, we mainly provide training in HSE and company's culture, the human resource policies and some specialized technical knowledge in our oversea training centre.

In 2008, we provided specialized training to nearly 604 management personnel, and nearly 537 technicians. 62 management personnel were sent overseas for senior management education.

BGP Establishes Local Training Centre to Improve the Competency of Local

BGP Overseas Training Center


Training Course Completed in Pakistan Training Centre

Training Centre in Africa

Training_03 Training_02

Excellent local employees are arranged to take training at HQ of BGP in China

Training_05 Training_06
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