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BGP President's Address


BGP is specialized in geophysical prospecting for more than 200 energy companies in 53 countries. It has become one of the major geophysical contractors in the world. BGP could not achieve such great success without strong trusts and supports from our clients, business partners, and friends, to whom I would like to express my sincerest gratitude.

As we know, the petroleum industry attends elusive ups and downs. BGP, as a major geophysical service company, should be actively going high to meet the challenges by reformulating our strategies, developing innovative solutions, reducing operation costs, and attracting more geo-talents. This, I believe, will keep BGP's competitive position in the geophysical industry.

BGP has always attached great importance to technological innovations. BGP-developed solutions include GeoEast® and KLSeis® software systems, cable and cable-less recording instruments, and LFV3 low-frequency vibrators. The application of WBH (Wide-azimuth, Broadband, and High-density) data acquisition and DSS (Digital-Seis System) has given rise to higher productivity, lower costs, and greater clients' satisfaction.

"Client First" is BGP's core values. BGP promotes the idea of win-win cooperation, tries all means possible to reduce the risks of its clients, and helps them find more commercial oil and gas reservoirs at low costs with quality services.

BGP has adhered to the open and inclusive cultural philosophy by respecting every client and partner and esteeming world different cultures, religions, and customs. We have been actively taking social responsibilities in supporting the charity cause and construction of schools and hospitals, and facilitating economy development of the country where we operate. This significantly enhances BGP worldwide presence and recognition.

BGP will continue its dedication to technological innovations and speed up the integration of seismic and non-seismic, onshore and offshore, especially the current integration of geophysics with internet technology. Only in this way, can we create more value for clients and get through the downturn of the industry.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." Let's join hands together, take actions together, and, finally, win the sweet fruit together. Thank you.

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