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Our people

Expertisal Team

BGP has built a strong team of talents consisting of technical experts, leading technical professionals, technical professionals from grade one to five, and outstanding operational personnel (operational technician, senior operational technician, company operational experts). In 2008, BGP has 7 technical experts, 18 leading technical professionals, 259 technical professionals from grade one to five, 2 company operational experts, 13 operational technicians. A great number of excellent employees of different nationalities and specializations have contributed to the growth of BGP. In 2008, 89 new graduates joined us, among them, 11 with master or Ph. D degree.

Excellent Local Employees

BGP has established the policy to select and reward the excellent Non-Chinese Employee as the Star Performer , in order to encourage the employees to further enhance the aggressiveness, initiative taking and innovative capability. By now,BGP have recognized 314 non-Chinese employees to be "Star Performer " . They come from many countries of various races, speaking different languages, and with diverse cultural backgrounds.

BGP Star Employees are awarded to Visit BGP Headquarters

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