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On the 11th of March, BGP Crew 8637A began a 3D seismic survey in Iraq for Al-Waha Petroleum Co., Ltd. This is the first seismic exploration contract for Al-Waha after six years of war in Iraq. The Oil Minister of Iraq, along with the governor and officers of Iraq's Kuche Province, took part in the ceremony.

The work area is located about 180 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, and is primarily extensive farmland crisscrossed with waterways. The most challenging issue is not the complex terrain, but the high security risk. To ensure the successful execution of the contract, BGP spent a great deal of time preparing for the operation. Security assessment was carried out by an international consulting firm, and a series of security measures have been put in place.

All the crew members of Crew 8637A are confident that not only this project, but all future projects in Iraq will be successful.




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