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BGP started its first seismic acquisition contract in Cameroon in 2009. BGP Cameroon has successfully operated five projects in the Cameroon market. The terrain covers jungle, shrubbery, mangrove, transition zone, offshore, among others. All five projects have received high recognition and praise from Cameroon’s national energy company, La Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures (SNH). SNH has full trust in BGP's operational ability and hopes to continue cooperation in future projects.

Cameroon's oil blocks are mostly offshore, and the two biggest producers are Addax and Perenco. The onshore oil block is owned by YanChang Logone, GDC and EurOil. Having an excellent worldwide reputation and experience as a fully integrated geophysical service provider and with state of the art equipment, experienced expatriates, skilled local staff, BGP Cameroon is able to undertake Onshore/Offshore seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation services for energy companies efficiently while being environment friendly and providing the best possible data quality.

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